Responsive screen viewer is a responsive design tool for testing you application on each pixel.

Is your application mobile friendly ?

Is your application displayed on the right mannier ?

Have you already looked at how responsive your application is ?

Check now if your application is responsive designed

 What is responsive design

Responsive design is a solution that uses a flexible grid to meet the needs for all devices, like the traditional desktop and laptop as well the mobile and tablet devices.
Depending on the screen resolution, content are positioned differently on the page.
A responsive layout will move in and out when you resize your application.

 Why should I use Responsive screen viewer

The Responsive screen viewer design tool is designed to test your application on different screen resolutions.
This Responsive screen viewer design tool is needed in these days to test whether your application is properly responsive designed.
And the Responsive screen viewer is easy to use and above all it is FREE.

 How works responsive design

There are several techniques to apply responsive design, you can use CSS Media queries, JavaScript or an Server-side like ASP, PHP, etc.
When your application is well designed, its representation in the Responsive screen viewer tool will run perfectly, try it yourself and you will see it.

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